Vote to Earn $HNX Tokens and Unlock the HeartX Art Trading Experience

• HeartX, a Web3.0 art trading marketplace and community platform, is set to launch their pre-launch Vote-to-Earn Game.
• Users can earn tokens ($HNX) by voting on artwork pieces and be rewarded for showing their preferences.
• Through the forming of the community consensus, HeartX will establish a new valuation standard for the artwork pieces.

HeartX Unveils Token Airdrop Game „Vote-to-Earn“

HeartX, a Web3.0 art trading marketplace and community platform, is set to launch their pre-launch Vote-to-Earn Game. This new experience allows users to earn tokens ($HNX) through voting on artwork pieces by swiping right or left as Like and Next, giving them a chance to engage with the core feature of the platform in advance and get rewarded for showing their preferences on the arts. The immersive Vote-to-Earn game is a clear demonstration of the platform’s user-centric design, letting people experience the X-to-Earn model in an easier way.

Rewards System

By leveraging blockchain technology, HeartX is creating a platform that is more user friendly, transparent and entertaining than anything that has come before. Through the Vote-to-Earn system, HeartX is committed to redefining the value of arts by community consensus with heart. The rewarding tokens $HNX can be used in various scenarios once the marketplace is launched including investing in your preferred artwork pieces to boost them and accessing premium features.

How To Play?

It is simple to play this game: users can earn tokens by voting on daily artwork pieces on event website without any log in or registration needed; simply swipe/click right for like or left to show next one. During this „Vote to Earn“ campaign users who have accumulated more voting works which reached a consensus on community aesthetic views would have chance to participate beta testing experience when Heartx App launches later this year..

Benefits For Influencers

Gathering influencers not only from Web3 but also other sectors such as art galleries & curators, auction houses & collectors allows an unprecedented way to discover valuable artworks from all over world while being incentivized with token rewards at same time! Additionally users who are actively participating in vote could receive bonus rewards based upon individual performance.


In conclusion, HeartX’s “Vote To Earn” game gives people an opportunity not only engage with core features of platform but also reward them for showing preference towards certain artworks while establishing new valuation standards & discovering valuable ones at same time!