Start 2021 Off Right: Join the Exclusive CLUB 3 NFT Club!

• Animoca Brands has announced plans for a new members-only NFT club in Los Angeles, in partnership with Planet Hollywood Group, called Club 3.
• The exclusive NFT club will join the league of other clubs such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club and offer amenities like community chat based on membership type.
• CLUB 3 will open at the iconic Sunset Boulevard later this year, consisting of a cocktail lounge, restaurant, and event space.

Animoca Brands launches Club 3

Animoca Brands has announced plans for a new members-only Non-Fungible Token (NFT) club in Los Angeles in collaboration with Planet Hollywood Group and Meta Hollywood. The venture is designed to bridge the gap between real-world and virtual club memberships.

Exclusive NFT Clubs

Exclusive clubs are not new to the cryptocurrency industry with Yuga Labs leading the space with its Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) which was launched in April 2021 and has since become one of the most popular exclusive clubs in crypto. CLUB 3 is set to replicate BAYC’s success in Hollywood by offering similar amenities to its members.

ClubID Platform Membership

At the center of CLUB 3 is ClubID, a new identity, Hollywood membership, and commerce platform scheduled to launch in beta in 2023. Members will have access to amenities like community chat based on their membership type and must mint a Club3 NFT to access four tiers (Founding , Social, Global & Corporate Memberships) of CLUB 3 membership .The one-time fee for Founding Membership is $7500 while that for Social Membership is $2500 . Additionally , web3 mechanics including community voting on promotions , perks & seasonal menus just like blockchain DAO’s will be integrated into CLUB 3 .

Actual Location Of CLUB 3

The actual location of CLUB 3 is yet to be revealed by MetaHollywood but it’s confirmed that the club will open at Sunset Boulevard later this year . It consists of a cocktail lounge , restaurant & event space making it an ideal destination for both digital & physical events .


Club 3 aims at providing an exclusive experience combining real world & virtual elements through its use of blockchain technology & NFTs . With features such as different types of membership tiers , web3 mechanics integration & venue setup ; it promises an exciting time ahead when it opens later this year .