Modernize Crypto Chargebacks with Chargebacks911: Monica Eaton

• Chargebacks911 is a company that is working to modernise the chargeback and dispute process in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
• The company provides an agnostic, data-driven solution that simplifies workflows with intelligent, adaptive technology.
• Scammers love it when their fraud schemes involve crypto because crypto payments are notoriously difficult to track and recover.

Chargebacks911: Modernising Crypto Chargeback Process

Chargeback Mission Statement

Chargebacks911’s mission is to modernise the dispute and chargeback process – to simplify complexities by bridging the gap between legacy infrastructures and post-transaction data exchange. The platform supports merchants from any industry sector all over the globe, powering many of the largest financial institutions. It also pioneered some of the first crypto enterprises after launching its digital dispute resolution module in 2020.

Classification of Crypto Scams

There are various classifications of cryptocurrency scams that target individuals, businesses, or other entities. Of these, one type which is most prevalent is fraud schemes involving crypto as they are notoriously difficult to track and recover due to lack of regulation compared to state currencies such as US Dollar or Euro.

Data-Driven Solution

To address this issue, Chargebacks911 provides a data-driven solution that simplifies cumbersome workflows with intelligent, adaptive technology and configurable interfaces for providing turnkey alternatives for crypto platforms and merchants worldwide. This helps in tackling issues related to chargeback management in the crypto space more effectively.

Immutability of Transactions on Blockchain

Transactions on blockchain are immutable which makes it hard for them to be reversed and complicates navigating through chargebacks processes in cryptocurrencies space. However, with Chargebacks911’s platform merchants can easily manage their transactions securely without worrying about recovery or tracking difficulties faced otherwise by scammers who take advantage of non-regulated payment methods like cryptos currencies for their fraudulent activities .


In conclusion, Chargebacks911 has made huge leaps towards bridging the gap between legacy infrastructures and post-transaction data exchanges by providing an agnostic yet efficient platform for managing disputes related to chargebacks in cryptocurrencies space more effectively than ever before while promoting secure transactions across all industry sectors globally .