Crypto Leaders Now Need Computer Science or MBA: Dan Ashmore

• Most crypto business leaders studied computer science or had an MBA, according to Coinjournal’s Dan Ashmore.
• The University of California is the most common institution attended by crypto executives.
• North America leads the way in terms of crypto salaries with employees earning an average of $120,000 annually.

Most Crypto Business Leaders Studied Computer Science or MBA

Coinjournal’s analyst Dan Ashmore recently spoke to CNBC, where he discussed various trends in the cryptocurrency space. When asked about the qualifications of crypto executives, Ashmore revealed that most have either studied computer science or have an MBA. He added that Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, is one prominent example who studied Computer Science at Montreal’s McGill University.

University of California Leads for Crypto Execs

Looking at the universities attended by cryptocurrency executives, the University of California tops the list. According to Coinjournal’s research, 13 cryptocurrency executives attended UC while 11 went to Harvard and 8 went to Stanford University. It was noted that this is still a very US-dominated industry and as a result, many of the executives and employees are drawn from big US universities.

North American Crypto Salaries Lead

CNBC also looked into Coinjournal’s research on countries with the highest salaries for cryptocurrency workers. As expected, North America led the way with crypto employees in the continent earning an average of $120,000 annually. Remote work takes up a significant portion of this salary figure as well due to companies looking to hire talent from around the world instead of limiting their search locally.

Early Crypto Market Open To All Fields

Ashmore also pointed out that during its early days, crypto was more open to people from all fields including less popular ones like philosophy. However as it continues to evolve and become more mainstream it has become dominated by those who studied computer science or had an MBA – reflecting other traditional financial markets such as banking and asset management industries which are similarly regulated and require specialized knowledge/training/experience etc..


Whilst early on in its development stage cryptocurrencies were accessible to a broad range of people from different backgrounds – today it is increasingly dominated by those with specific technical skillsets (computer science) & business acumen (MBA). This reflects similar trends seen within traditional finance industries such as banking & asset management where there is often strict regulation & specific technical knowledge required for success in these sectors