Will the SEC let the New York Digital Investment Group through?

Bitcoin ETF: Will the SEC let the New York Digital Investment Group through?

Investment companies are not giving up hope for a Bitcoin ETF in the US. When will the SEC finally be willing to rethink?

The Bitcoin ETF issue is going into the next round. The latest application comes from the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG). It has filed papers with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch Crypto Code a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund. Accordingly, the Form S-1 used for this purpose identifies NYDIG Trust Company LLC as the fund’s Bitcoin custodian and the US investment bank Morgan Stanley as an authorised participant.

NYDIG is truly no stranger to the crypto scene. The investment firm has long been eager to offer more institutional exposure to digital assets like Bitcoin. Back in November and December 2020, the firm raised US$150 million through two separate cryptocurrency investment funds. NYDIG was granted a BitLicense by the New York State Department of Financial Services in 2018. Moreover, Stone Ridge, the parent company of NYDIG, is one of the largest institutional holders of Bitcoin anywhere.

Will BTC price action force the SEC to rethink?

As an authorised participant, Morgan Stanley is expected to sell shares to the public. The price will be based on the fund’s assets, supply and demand, and prevailing market conditions. If the SEC approves the application, the shares will trade on the NYSE Arca exchange under a ticker symbol to be determined. The investment objective of the Trust is to reflect the performance of the price of Bitcoin less the expenses of running the Trust. The Trust will not seek to reflect the performance of any benchmark or index.

The Bitcoin ETF issue is a tricky one, at least in the United States. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has so far put every applicant in their place. The latest statements by the new US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen did not exactly indicate great crypto-enthusiasm on the part of the former head of the Federal Reserve. How the SEC will decide this time remains to be seen for the time being. Even if the chances are perhaps somewhat better this time with the current all-time high of BTC and the investment of some large US corporations, first and foremost Tesla, of course. In neighbouring Canada, people are already thinking one step ahead. There, a Bitcoin ETF recently celebrated its North American premiere. The hopes of Bitcoin fans are now resting on Gary Gensler, who is to become the new head of the SEC. However, the former Goldman Sachs manager has rather a reputation as a hardliner.

S2F creator PlanB: Bitcoin has not yet reached ‚point of no return‘

After surviving the worst sell-off in months unscathed, the current Bitcoin uptrend seems completely unstoppable.

Despite the incredible momentum that took the cryptocurrency from $10,000 to $40,000 in a flash, the creator of the world’s most cited valuation model says the asset has yet to reach the „point of no return.“

And when it does, the true parabolic rise will unfold.

But what should we expect from Bitcoin as it enters the final phase of its bull run later this year?

PlanB: The Bitcoin rally is heating up.

Bitcoin is more coveted than ever and now in the interest of top economists, institutional investors and hedge fund managers. After being dismissed as a mere fad, Wall Street and the wealthy are starting to buy Bitcoin.

The sudden surge in demand, coupled with a diminishing supply, has caused a bullish breakout that has seen the price per BTC skyrocket more than fivefold. The surge in price has long been predicted by Plan B’s stock-to-flow model (S2F), but has only recently begun to show validity.

#bitcoin $38K is nice, but I am still waiting for that larger monthly jump that usually marks the phase transition / the point of no return (red arrows) #phase5 pic.twitter.com/mWOLadqOys
– PlanB (@100trillionUSD) January 14, 2021

The model led some investors to expect the cryptocurrency to trade above $50,000 by May 2020, but that date came and went – and Bitcoin still hasn’t reached such a level. But according to the creator of the model, BTC could very well reach that number soon – and then rise even higher once Bitcoin reaches the point of no return in this parabolic cycle.

Can we use the past to calculate Bitcoin’s future price?

The stock-to-flow model attempts to set an estimated valuation of the price per BTC based on scarcity alone. The hard-coded mechanism to halve the asset’s block reward further reduces the already limited supply.

When this happened in May 2020, there was no immediate reaction that drove the price above $50,000 – but it did put Bitcoin on the path it is currently on.

And while there are startling comparisons between now and the 2017 peak, Plan B’s model shows that the real bull run hasn’t even started yet. That’s the „point of no return“ referred to by the model’s creator.
Each „point of no return“ brought 600-800% ROI | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

The chart above shows what this „point of no return“ looks like. From this point, the value of the leading cryptocurrency by market cap increases by another 600-800%.

A similar rise from current levels would take the price per BTC to around $250,000-$350,000, which is not unrealistic considering the targets that various experts are predicting.

If you overlay the previous bull market with the current one, the top is around $325,000. Analysts have offered targets as high as $400,000 to $500,000 per coin in the long run.

That bitcoin continues to rise from here is less an important question than how high it goes and when that point of no return begins.

Satoshi Nakamoto mógłby ubiegać się o tytuł najbogatszego człowieka na świecie, gdyby Bitcoin wystąpił zgodnie z przewidywaniami.

Twórca pierwszej i najbardziej cenionej kryptokuranty otrzymał wiele tytułów, dzięki wpływowi swojego przełomowego zasobu cyfrowego. Satoshi Nakamoto, którego tożsamość jest wciąż nieznana i od lat jest przedmiotem debaty wśród użytkowników kryptofurrency, został pochwalony za wynalezienie nowego systemu przechowywania bogactwa, który nie tylko stawia na przejrzystość, ale także utrzymuje na dystans niekończący się cykl inflacji pieniądza.

Wielu analityków Bitcoin przewidziało inną przyszłość dla Bitcoinu (jeszcze lepszą, gdyby jego założyciel był znany dzisiaj). Inni byli zaintrygowani stylem życia, jaki prowadziłby założyciel tej dominującej technologii, a co ciekawe, Crypto-Twitter uważa, że byłby on hojny!

Miliardy dolarów, oczywiście, dokładnie 200 miliardów dolarów, jak szacuje obserwator „Bloqport“, który wziął na Twitterze, aby zauważyć, że pan Nakamoto mógł łatwo chwycić tytuł najbogatszego człowieka na świecie z Elon Musk, którego wartość netto niedawno właśnie wzrosła do 195 miliardów dolarów, dzięki uprzejmości Tesla rajdu akcji. Chociaż jest to pod warunkiem, że Bitcoin dokona astronomicznego skoku, który może doprowadzić go do ceny 200 000 dolarów. Jeśli Bitcoin będzie w stanie dokonać tego meteorycznego wzrostu, nie tylko Satoshi Nakamoto znajdzie się na szczycie listy Forbesa, ale także nowe wieloryby będą w tym procesie rodzić.

Chociaż tożsamość pana Nakamoto jest nadal tajemnicą, niektórzy kryptoflerzy sugerują, że nadal czerpie on korzyści z tego atutu. Inni sugerują, że Elon Musk może być Satoshi Nakamoto, ponieważ miliarder jest znany z tego, że stawia na postępowe i futurystyczne innowacje. Chociaż Piżmo nie obalił jeszcze tych pogłosek, to jednak przy wcześniejszych okazjach chwalił Bitcoina i utrzymywał, że majątek ten jest bardzo wartościowy.

Bitcoin za 200.000 dolarów będzie znaczył tak wiele dla już dobrze prosperującej społeczności. Między innymi, gra instytucjonalna będzie się nasilać, a zmienność będzie się zmniejszać w dużym stopniu. Ale Bitcoin musi przewyższać długą linię oporu, aby to osiągnąć. Niezależnie od tego, analitycy nadal twierdzą, że połowa tej ceny zostanie dobrze osiągnięta w tym roku. Wskaźniki na łańcuchu dalej wskazują, że Bitcoin zamknie się powyżej $200,000.

Ważne jest, aby pamiętać, że z każdym nowym rekordem wysokości, staje się coraz trudniejsze dla sprzedawców detalicznych do przyjęcia Bitcoin, jak większe wieloryby są w czołówce zysków, dlatego też analitycy ostrzegają, że kupno Bitcoin w jego czas prasy cena 39.741 dolarów nadal nie jest wadą.

Bitcoin breekt nieuwe all-time highs met als doel $ 23.000

De huidige cryptocurrency lijkt niet te stoppen na het behalen van een nieuw record.

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Bitcoin steeg voor het eerst sinds half december 2017 naar een nieuw recordniveau. Terwijl speculatie toeneemt over verdere winsten aan de horizon, wijzen meerdere on-chain metrics op een scherpe daling.

Nieuwe hoogtepunten ooit breken

Bitcoin slaagde erin om alle verliezen te recupereren die zijn opgelopen na de retracement van 17% op 25 november.

Hoewel meer dan 200.000 handelaren werden geliquideerd tijdens de meest recente correctie in de cryptocurrency-markt, wachtten beleggers niet lang om hun longposities opnieuw in te voeren.

Door de piek in de koopdruk steeg de BTC met meer dan 22%. Het ging van de handel op een laagste punt van $ 16.200 op 26 november naar een nieuw hoogste punt ooit van $ 19.860.

Paolo Ardoino , CTO bij Bitfinex, stelt dat de recente prijsactie kan worden toegeschreven aan de toenemende vraag onder institutionele beleggers

“De stijging van Bitcoin vandaag naar een nieuw recordniveau van $ 19.844 zal boeien. Van veel groter belang zijn echter de fundamentele factoren die deze rally van brandstof voorzien, met name de toenemende aanwezigheid van institutionele beleggers. Bitcoin is nog in de kinderschoenen, en zelfs relatief kleine allocaties in de activaklasse van investeringsfondsen kunnen een seismische impact hebben. “

Als de koopdruk blijft toenemen , kan Bitcoin mogelijk stijgen naar $ 23.000.

Een kandelaar van 4 uur boven de $ 19.500 zal geloofwaardigheid toevoegen aan de optimistische vooruitzichten omdat het de kansen op deze potentiële opleving vergroot.

New Bitcoin bull run in sight? Don’t make the same mistakes as in 2017!

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The choice of simplicity

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Deux choses pourraient ne plus jamais être les mêmes sur Bitcoin, voici ce que disent les analystes

Le carnage du marché de mars a été le plus marquant de tous ces incidents

Le bitcoin (BTC), la première et la plus grande monnaie cryptographique, a connu une année 2020 mouvementée jusqu’à présent. Du krach boursier de mars au piratage du Kucoin, à la facturation de BitMEX par la CFTC, à l’infection du coronavirus de Trump et au récent gel des retraits d’OKEx. Il est intéressant de noter qu’au milieu de tout cela, Bitcoin a atteint un record annuel de 12 486 dollars en août.

Le plus marquant de tous ces incidents a été le carnage du marché du mois de mars, qualifié de „la plus forte chute de l’histoire“. Les pièces de monnaie ont perdu près de 50 % de leur valeur, passant de 7 700 $ à 3 800 $.

Bitcoin s’est peut-être remis de ses creux du mois de mars, mais deux choses pourraient ne jamais se reproduire. Premièrement, les réserves sur les bourses ont chuté de 2 950 000 BTC à 2 700 000 BTC depuis le carnage du marché de mars.

Deuxièmement, l’investisseur en capital-risque Naval Ravikant pense que Bitcoin pourrait ne plus jamais se négocier au plus bas niveau de 3 000 dollars.
Graphique quotidien de la BTC/USD

Bitcoin (BTC) se consolide actuellement à 11 456 dollars, en légère hausse depuis le début de la journée.
Voici ce que disent les analystes

Les analystes expliquent la baisse de 250 000 BTC sur les bourses par la pénurie générale de vendeurs BTC sur le marché et par la baisse de la confiance envers les bourses.

Un trader pseudonyme, „Oddgems“, a noté que des données récentes montrent que Bitcoin est en train de passer des bourses aux portefeuilles non dépositaires. Il prend cette mesure pour laisser entendre que les investisseurs transfèrent leurs fonds vers le hodl dans un délai plus long.

Les réserves de Bitcoin sur les bourses.

Glassnode a également noté que l’accumulation de bitcoin, telle qu’elle est observée chez les hodleurs, est en hausse constante depuis des mois. Le fait que la pénurie globale de vendeurs coïncide avec la demande institutionnelle de CTB pourrait être assez haussier pour l’actif crypto.

Dans un récent rapport, le Kraken, la bourse de crypto basée aux États-Unis, a déclaré que Bitcoin pourrait très probablement afficher une meilleure performance en octobre qu’en septembre. Ceci est déduit d’antécédents historiques où huit fois sur neuf, Bitcoin s’est mieux comporté en octobre qu’en septembre. Il a également prédit que Bitcoin pourrait très probablement clôturer le mois d’octobre à 11 850 $, ce qui représente une augmentation de 3 % par rapport à son prix récent et un gain mensuel global de 11 %.

La bourse a également noté que Bitcoin a sous-performé sa moyenne mensuelle pendant six des neuf mois qui se sont écoulés jusqu’à présent en 2020. Naval Ravikant, un VC légendaire, pense que Bitcoin pourrait ne plus jamais atteindre les 3 000 dollars. Il pense que cela est dû à un nombre croissant d’utilisateurs et à la demande des institutions.

Il a également déclaré que l’arrivée du macro investisseur et gestionnaire de fonds spéculatifs milliardaire, Paul Tudor Jones, dans l’espace Bitcoin est massive.


  • Il prezzo della Bitcoin ha mostrato segni di forza mentre continua la sua fase di consolidamento
  • Anche se il suo slancio verso l’alto ha vacillato, la sua attuale stabilità nella regione a metà degli 11.000 dollari è promettente, poiché indica una certa forza di fondo tra i tori.
  • Dove l’andamento della crittovaluta nel breve termine dipenderà probabilmente principalmente dalla sua reazione ad un paio di livelli chiave
  • Un analista osserva che un forte movimento al rialzo potrebbe essere imminente a breve termine
  • Detto questo, egli pensa ancora che la resistenza vista in tutta la regione di 11.000 dollari potrebbe essere sufficiente ad innescare un selloff

Il Bitcoin e il mercato aggregato dei crittografi hanno faticato a trovare un forte impulso negli ultimi giorni.

Questo consolidamento è avvenuto dopo la serie di forti movimenti che hanno contribuito a portare BTC da 10.400 dollari a 11.700 dollari. La resistenza tra $11.600 e $12.000 è piuttosto intensa, e l’incapacità di Bitcoin Trader di superare questa regione di prezzo finora indica che potrebbe continuare a tenere duro.

Un analista ritiene che un test di questa regione potrebbe essere imminente, e punta a raggiungere i massimi di 11.800 dollari. Ha dichiarato che potrebbe vedere qui un rifiuto che lo fa precipitare di nuovo verso la regione inferiore di 11.000 dollari.


Al momento in cui scriviamo, Bitcoin è in crescita di poco meno dell’1% al suo attuale prezzo di 11.550 dollari. Questo segna un notevole aumento rispetto ai minimi delle prime ore del mattino, pari a 11.400 dollari, fissati solo una manciata di ore fa.

BTC sta negoziando appena un capello al di sotto del punto in cui inizia la sua zona di resistenza, e $11.600 ha suscitato più rifiuti negli ultimi tempi.

Anche se i tori possono superare questo livello a breve termine, la resistenza tra 11.600 e 12.000 dollari può sopprimere il suo slancio verso l’alto.


Un trader ritiene che la leggera spinta verso l’alto di oggi possa estendersi fino a raggiungere i $11.800.

Egli ritiene che questa regione contenga una pressione di vendita sufficiente a rallentare la sua ascesa e forse anche a farla precipitare verso gli 11.200 dollari.

„BTC: Pensiamo di avere un po‘ di vantaggio qui tbh. Poveri alti sopra. Potrebbe offrire qualche bella entrata breve imo ~ ancora a resistenza HTF“.

Se la Bitcoin riesce a raccogliere abbastanza supporto per superare la regione tra gli 11.600 e i 12.000 dollari, potrebbe essere in grado di ottenere guadagni massicci a breve termine.

China’s IT ministry concerned about data protection at first „Blockchain hospital“

Chinas IT-Ministerium hat bei „Blockchain-Krankenhaus“ noch einige Bedenken.

China’s first „Blockchain hospital“ is scheduled to start operations in 2021, but some members of the government are now expressing concerns about data protection.

According to Cn-Healthcare, the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University plans to start a pilot programme in January 2021. The block chain technology will be used to store patient and treatment data.

Among other things, the blockchain platform used will enable patients to access a so-called „internet hospital“ via the WeChat app, which is very popular in China. One of the programme’s goals is to make administrative processes increasingly contactless, which is all the more important in view of the ongoing corona crisis.

However, several members of the Chinese Ministry of Information Technology have concerns about the security of the Blockchain application and also see data protection at risk.

Niu Tie, the director of the hospital, replied:

„Our IT department is under heavy pressure from the government. However, as one of the leading hospitals in our region, we can assure you that we made our decisions with all due caution. Moreover, the regulations on data protection are very strict anyway. The IT ministry has reviewed our Blockchain application in terms of data security and has also provided guidelines for development“.

According to Niu, the ministry has made it a condition that data can be verified and that it can be securely stored, transferred and accessed.

The ministry’s concerns may well be due to the fact that patient and treatment data are stored on WeChat’s block chain network. The hospital management and the Ministry of IT will now discuss further how best to ensure security and privacy.

China is actually known as a surveillance state, which makes the government’s current concerns contradictory and almost beyond belief.

However, the „Middle Kingdom“ is very sympathetic to block chain technology, as Chinese companies are said to have filed more than half of all block chain patents worldwide in 2020 alone. Even China’s president Xi Jinping has already praised the technology in public.

SEC charges John McAfee with ICO advertising

The millionaire and former US presidential candidate has again legal difficulties.

Update: The Justice Department reported that John McAfee has been arrested in Spain for tax evasion and is about to be extradited to the United States

On Monday, the US regulator, the SEC, filed a lawsuit against John McAfee for promoting and supporting Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) without saying that the Bitcoin Trader issuers paid him for them. This is a violation of US securities law.

The lawsuit states: „At least from November 2017 to February 2018, McAfee used his fame and received over 23.1 million US dollars (‚USD‘) in silent payment. For this he should give his Twitter followers at least seven“ initial Recommend Coin Offerings „or ICOs.“

The SEC mentions seven unnamed ICO issuers who spoke privately with the McAfee team

They asked him to publicly support their ICOs and in return he received a payment in the respective coins and in Bitcoin. It’s illegal and has previously led the commission to crackdown on other celebrities such as DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather. They had also supported ICOs without saying that they were paid for it.

The SEC’s lawsuit also mentions a famous moment when McAfee made one of his strange predictions about the Bitcoin price. He ultimately took those predictions back , claiming he was only trying to spark public interest in BTC.

Los hackers exigen un rescate a Bitcoin para liberar las cuentas pirateadas de Call of Duty

Los hackers han conseguido entrar en las cuentas de los jugadores de Call of Duty: Warzone, bloqueándoles el acceso al popular juego online. Para liberar la cuenta, los hackers están exigiendo un rescate de Bitcoin a las víctimas. Las quejas de los usuarios al equipo que está detrás del juego recibieron una lenta o nula atención según los informes.

Los jugadores de COD obligados a pagar un rescate de Bitcoin

Tras un reciente informe de la placa madre, varios jugadores de COD fueron bloqueados para jugar el juego, ya que no tenían acceso a su cuenta de juego debido a la piratería. Las víctimas no dejaron de presentar quejas sobre el tema a Activision, el equipo de desarrolladores del popular juego en línea.

Sin embargo, los desarrolladores no han hecho ningún esfuerzo sólido para resolver el problema, o para ayudar a los jugadores a evitar la necesidad de pagar el rescate de Bitcoin a los hackers. Según el informe, las quejas enviadas al equipo están recibiendo una lenta atención. A veces, Activision no responde a sus peticiones.
PhishFort añade protección contra el crypto phishing al Brave Browser
La agencia de inmigración argentina se niega a pagar el rescate de Bitcoin por valor de 4 millones de dólares a los hackers
El malware criptográfico de Microsoft Windows apunta a los datos de la cartera
SWIFT y BAE Systems divulgan trucos de lavado de dinero.

Una de las víctimas que compartió su experiencia dijo:

„Lo encendí [Warzone] un día, y mi cuenta se desconectó, y no pude ingresar con mis credenciales, así que hice una nueva cuenta porque no pude contactar con el soporte de Activision, lo cual me enfurece“.
Las víctimas abren nuevas cuentas para evitar pagar los rescates de Bitcoin

Como las víctimas relataron en el informe, los hackers cambiaron su dirección de correo electrónico original utilizada en las cuentas inmediatamente después de obtener acceso a ella. Después, los atacantes se comunicaron con ellos a través de Twitter o la dirección de correo electrónico cambiada, pidiéndoles que pagaran un rescate de Bitcoin para recuperar su cuenta o la perderían para siempre.

En el caso de un usuario de Twitter, GOHGAMER, los hackers dijeron:

„Si quiere nuestra ayuda para evitar la fuga de sus datos [sic] e información y cuenta bancaria, etc., y ayudar a recuperar su cuenta, necesita pagar 400$ en la siguiente dirección“.

En el momento del informe, se observó que el BTC dirigido ha acumulado unos 12.000 dólares de rescate en Bitcoin.