Buy the MCADE Dip: Metacade Price Prediction for June

• Metacade price has pulled back slightly in the past few days but has numerous catalysts in the coming days.
• There are external and internal bullish factors for MCADE, such as a decision by the House of Representatives to pass a bill to expand the debt ceiling, and the launch of lite version of game and Metaseries.
• The number of holders have jumped to over 9,250 which is signaling that it will hit 10k soon.

Metacade Price Pullback

The token Metacade has pulled back recently, however, there are several catalysts in upcoming days which could potentially lead to an increase in its price.

External Bullish Factors

The House of Representatives passed a bill that should help reduce US deficit and avoid defaulting on June 5th. This news had an effect on most assets including cryptocurrencies like Metacade and Bitcoin prices.

Internal Bullish Factors

Internally, Metacade price has jumped due to several important reasons such as developers planning to launch the lite version of the game soon as well as launching Metaseries on Thursday which is a video series where developers talk about their product and progress. Additionally, there was also fifth award presented by developers with $125k competition which helps provide more traction for crypto project.

MCADE: A Good Investment?

In recent months Metacade made significant progress which can be seen from Etherscan data showing increasing number of holders reaching over 9,250 indicating that it will hit 10k soon.


In conclusion, MCADE has both internal and external bullish catalysts which could potentially drive its price up in upcoming days providing good investment opportunity for those who want to invest in cryptocurrency market.