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• Volatility Shares plans to launch its Ether Futures ETF (ETHU) on October 12, 2023.
• The product will be the first Ethereum futures exchange-traded fund in the US.
• Eric Balchunas from Bloomberg says that SEC is likely to approve the product, and it could beat the competition to market with ETHU.

Volatility Shares Aims to List its Ether Futures ETF

Volatility Shares plans to have its Ether Futures ETF (ETHU) open to investors on October 12, 2023. The company listed its 2x Bitcoin-linked ETF (BITX) in July, and ETHU will be their first Ethereum-linked exchange traded fund. Market experts are optimistic that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will approve this product, allowing Volatility Shares to beat out competitors in launching ETHU.

Positioning for Debut of ETHU

Eric Balchunas, a senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, believes that Volatility Shares has positioned itself well for the debut of ETHU. As of now, SEC looks like they are okay with this proposal as there has been no withdrawal yet. Furthermore, due to the 75-day approval window from application date, it is highly likely that Volatility Shares will be first to market by October 12th.

Shift Focus Towards Spot ETF Market

Stuart Barton CIO of Volatility shares states that their main goal is make sure investors can get access to ETHU before they shift focus towards spot crypto ETFs market which still hasn’t been approved by SEC yet. Currently there is a 160 day windown where Grayscale’s application will decide if an actual spot crypto ETF will be approved or not in US.

Competition To Beat The Race To Market With Highly Anticipated Product

The potential listing of Ether’s futures exchange traded fund could see Volatility Shares beat competitors when it comes down to being first one on market with this highly anticipated product . Even though there hasn’t been any withdrawal from SEC yet ,market analysts are hopeful about an approva lof this projectl .


Overall ,Volatiliy shares plan on listing their Ether Futures Exchange Traded Fund (ETHU) on October 12th ,2023 . If all goes according tp plan then they could potentially be first ones on tehm arket with a product like this . However ,the decision lies with SEC who may choose group several filings together before passing any judgement .